Welcome to The Junction – Gifting and Fundraising… Together at Last!

Here it is Tuesday, you are checking through your To-Do list for the remainder of the year. You are looking at the long list of gifts to check off for Christmas stocking stuffers, Hanukkah or for your next office gift exchange. On top of it, you know you may also have to find the “extra” money for the hockey tournament, basketball jerseys or drama plays your children are involved in for the school year. Ugh, you do not want to wreck your budget but what can you do?

With Fundraising Junction, we have multiple solutions for you!  We have 3oz samples packets that you can buy individually or in bulk at a discount for gifts online and can be delivered on demand within 4 days.
If you need to raise funds for a team, band, or school production, we can tailor a custom solution depending on the amount of capital and time frame you need the funds. For more information, please schedule an individual consultation by calling 877-348-0443 .
We also have our Roasting Party option for those that fundraise throughout the year for associations, teams, groups, or causes in our community where multiple people fundraisers are involved. We have scale-able solutions to meet your needs and goals, please contact Kathy at 877-348-0443 so we can build your program today!




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