We cannot thank you enough with all of your help and understanding with our coffee/cookie fundraising. We truly appreciate everything! Thanks to your help we have raised $1,330 so far and we will continue to push! Thank  you
~Julie M.

“Just wanted to let you know that the coffee orders were distributed tonight at the youth meeting. All went well…and by the way…I’ve been drinking my chocolate raspberry and LOVE it! The kids really appreciated the profit they made for their mission trip. Our trip usually costs around $10,000 and all of the monies we can raise are truly appreciated. Again, thanks for a successful fundraiser…we’ll be back next  spring!!!

“I grew up selling Fundraising Junction coffee for my travel soccer and volleyball teams. Without the fundraising your company allows kids to sell, I wouldn’t have been able to play sports. I cannot thank you enough for the support you give to the community.”

Thank you so much for coordinating the fundraiser with Sandra, expediting delivery and  allowing us to extend the fundraiser. Much Appreciated!! The coffee fundraiser went well and is helping tremendously for us to pay for the soccer tournament in June. Thanks   again!
~Nneka G.

“The Fundraising Junction is one of the best fundraisers we have done. Also fast and simple. Your on-line order system is the best I have ever used. I am completely impressed…also impressed with the turn around time. I am extremely pleased that we had this opportunity to use Fundraising Junction fundraising program and WILL be doing more business with you. Thank you.”

I just wanted to let you know that fundraising with Fundraising Junction was a great experience.   We couldn’t believe the fast turnaround after submitting our order. I have had several parents tell me that they are enjoying the coffees and specialty drinks and wish that they would have ordered more! We might have to have another fundraiser with Fundraising Junction in the spring! Thank you.
~Mandy M.

“I got your shipment. I couldn’t believe those bags. The detail of our logo was a really nice touch. It shows your company goes that extra mile. Absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to start this fundraiser.”.
~Susan W

Thank you for your help! Your company is so wonderful to work with a little school the way you do! It is much appreciated! I have placed an order. After the girl’s volleyball season is over we  will rally the Basketball players to get out with their order forms and start selling away : ) Thank you again!!
~Lavae K.

It is always a pleasure to work with your company. Year after year we keep having the great experience of this great fundraiser. Thanks so much for all your help.

I know how busy you are so here is just a quick note of thanks (to you and your staff) for processing our order in time for the holidays. Our committee really appreciates your efforts!! From my family to yours – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
~Tina O.

Thanks for your support! As you can tell, we love your product; every one that has ever bought it always comes back for more. We will be in touch soon; we are going to try to place another    order before Christmas.  Thanks
~The Band

“Wow! We are thrilled that the order arrived already! Thank you for the wonderful service. We will be contacting you again next year for our fundraiser! Thanks again.”
~Kelly J.

“Hello! Quite a few of us girls here in the office in California purchased coffee from a student for   a fundraiser. WE LOVE IT and WE WANT  MORE!!”
~Angela F.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the product brochures/order forms and samples on Thursday. I was able to send the students home with the product brochures/order forms Friday afternoon. I brewed and gave out samples of the coffee on Friday at our family event. Everyone who tried them loved it!!! I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but my husband is and he loved the Snickerdoodle and the Jamaican Me Crazy. He wants to buy the butterscotch toffee and the pumpkin spice as well. We had so many people come back for more and ask “this is the coffee   for the fundraiser that was sent home today? I need to go home and look it over!” They couldn’t believe the flavor selections. They all loved the custom label, too! I’m thinking that this will be a successful fundraiser for us!”
~Amanda M.

“I was absolutely stunned to get the shipping notice this afternoon! Thank you for the great service. With the break from school next week, it will be easy  to get the orders organized and packed for delivery when we get back to school. Again, thank  you for your excellent  service!”
~Linda S.

“Thanks for working with us. The order shipped very quickly! Thanks. We probably could have extended our fundraiser if we realized it would arrive so quickly!! Next Year!! I will definitely talk about Fundraising Junction as a great fundraiser option with other schools. Thank you.”
~Paula H.

I thought your system of inputting orders was fantastic and easy. Thank you for being such a wonderful company to work with. I thought for a first year fundraiser, we did pretty well.

“Thank you so much for your service, I’ve had nothing but great feedback about your coffee!   I’ve also had the pleasure of enjoying several flavors of the coffee, I especially like the Jamaican Me Crazy.
I think it is a wonderful thing your company does for fundraising. I’ve raised a lot of money for my cause because of your  product!”
~Kristen R.

“Thank you for offering the “Bound for Spain” products to help our son raise money to go to Spain this Spring! Nick enjoyed his trip and we enjoyed hearing about his experiences!”
~Gary, & Eileen M.

“I want to thank you deeply for your assistance with the squadron’s fundraiser. Being new to this kind of fundraiser you really helped lead us in the right direction and provided the epitome of customer service. Thank you for making this process as easy as possible. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors, as for ours, we will definitely turn to Fundraising Junction for another fundraising venture.”
~Denise B.

“I ordered one bag of coffee during a fundraiser and I fell in LOVE! Thank you for creating this wonderful coffee!”
~Nicole G, New Jersey

“We just wanted to thank you all so much for a great fundraiser. We will be able to purchase more things for the preschool. Thanks  again!”
~Heather C.

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the boxes of coffee and absolutely loved it! We are very pleased and can’t wait to get our next order. Again, just wanted to let you know how much we love it and how excited we are to continue to sell it! Thanks for all of your help!”
~Amy V.

“I received the order last week and people are FLOCKING to my room telling me how delicious their coffee is! The strong favorites are Blueberry Crumble and Jamaican Me Crazy. The order was complete, and arrived quickly. We are planning on using your services again next spring,   and hope to double our profits. I’m sure after everyone samples the coffee, that won’t be a problem! Thanks again for all your  help!”
~Kim S.

Thank you for your assistance with our order last week – you offered great customer service! Best regards!
~Sheila A.

Thank you SOOO much for the coffee, it’s so yummy!! We sorted, packed, and delivered the coffee tonight at dance and we’ll be getting the rest of ours out this week. Thanks again for great service!!
~Camille N.

Could you please send more order forms (of both coffee and hot bevs)? We have received SEVERAL compliments on the coffee! They want more! Thank you
~ Angela J.

I received a box of coffee today and have already distributed most of my orders. Everyone is super excited to make their coffee! I look forward to working with you guys again in the future! Thank you for your speedy fulfillment and shipping and friendliness: ) Thanks   again!
~Amanda C.

Thank you again for all of your help! We love this fundraiser because we know that you make sure it works for us. I just wanted to let you know real quick how much we appreciate what you do. Happy Holidays!!!!
~Michelle W.

Thank you so much for providing such a great product! Everyone loves the coffee/drinks – and you and your company make it so  easy!
~Jane W.

Thanks again for another great fundraiser! Everyone was happy with their orders and the preschool will be able to buy some new equipment. You guys are so great to work with!
~The Committee

I received the package yesterday. They are wonderful!!!!!!! Brought one of each to work today and already sold a cocoa in the first hour. I’m sure we will be selling lots and ordering soon.
Thank you for all of your  help!
~Margie L.

Your coffee is amazing so I was very happy to order more! No need to do the special labels, I haven’t figured out which ones to gift and which ones to keep! I will definitely recommend your coffee to all of my friends!  Thanks!

Thanks for the opportunity to share your great products. I have already liked you on Facebook page when we did the fundraiser last month. I absolutely love the Jamaican Me Crazy – whole bean. I have also gotten rave reviews on the Vanilla Chai tea – it is amazing. Thanks again.
Looking forward to doing another fund soon with your company.
~Sue H.

I cannot wait to get home from work today which is nothing unusual normally, but I just got an e-mail that our coffee has been delivered! I can’t thank you enough for your quick service. I am sure people will be pleasantly surprised to get their orders tonight! Thanks   again.
~Brandy A.

Thank you again for supporting the Nursery School. We had a great fundraiser & we appreciate working with you.
~Nursery School Staff

I just wanted to let you know that we received our coffee and distributed it last week. It is delicious! Thank you for being easy to work with and for sending the order of coffee so promptly. We all love the design on the bag. I look forward to our coffee sale next year. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.
~Tina P

Thank you so much for ALL of your help. This has been a seamless activity. Thanks and I can’t wait until next year’s!
~Deborah D.

I received the coffee on Saturday afternoon. I cannot believe how fast that was and the bags look GREAT. I am very happy with everything and I love doing business with you and your   company. Thank you so much for everything and I hope to do another sale sometime in the  future.
~Tammy C

I just received my coffee order from my granddaughters kindergarten class. I sampled the Parlor City Blend and I have to say it was the best coffee I have had since I don’t know when.
Tomorrow I will try the Colombian. Thank  you
~Mike D.