Community Starts With You

We know how vitally important it is for you to reach your fundraising goals each year. Your organization depends on a solid program that is guaranteed to bring you success. Fundraising Junction, through organizations like yours, is able to help build a better local community. We take pride in our partners and want to provide you the tools to have a successful year.

Fundraising Junction’s coffee fundraising programs are designed with you, the organizer in mind. Highly profitable, no minimums, no risk programs that offer gourmet quality products and value to your supporters. Our fundraising consultants can help you pick the products/programs that are sure to help you reach your fundraising goals.



Benefits of our Program

No Minimum Orders

No Upfront Costs

Volume Discounts

Free Bulk Shipping*

Free Customized Product Label**

5-10 business day turnaround

Organizer’s online order entry tool

Great Customer Service

Please give us a call or fill in the form below to get more information about our programs and to get on your way to building your organization’s financial goals.


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