World Class Specialty Coffee


Breakfast Blend – This quintessential blend combines the finest Central and South American coffees and is roasted between Full City and Vienna. Surely a great way to start the day with its moderate body and smooth finish.

Colombian Decaf – A fine Colombian decaf coffee with rich, full body and very low acidity that leaves a velvety feel in your mouth. (SWP)

French Roast – The ultimate expression of a dark full bodied coffee. An excellent coffee for those who prefer a smooth, balanced, dark brew.


Butterscotch Toffee – A butterscotch caramel creme flavor lightly spiced with a hint of rum.

Chocolate Raspberry – A wonderful blend of rich chocolate flavoring and tingling aromatic raspberry.

French Vanilla – The smooth richness of vanilla and its sweet perfumed aroma truly enhances this Arabica coffee.

Hazelnut Creme – The divine nuttiness and subtle smokey background of the hazelnut creates a wonderful rich aroma and smooth creamy taste of this flavored coffee mainstay.

Jamaican Me Crazy – An exotic island blend of Caramel, Vanilla, and a twist of the tropics. The intoxicating aroma and its pleasing taste will land you in coffee paradise.

Pumpkin Spice – Thanksgiving time all over again, care for some pumpkin pie?

Rainforest Caramel Crunch – Creamy caramel with a touch of almond.

Snickerdoodle – Remember grandma’s cookies? This is our medium roasted coffee infused with cinnamon and rich hazelnut.