Our Fundraising Products

World Class Specialty Coffee

double-espressoWorld Class 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee roasted to order. The vast selection will satisfy a coffee lover’s preference. Whether it is Flavored, Non-flavored, Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Regular, Decaffeinated, whole bean, or ground the 19 choices are sure to deliver that gourmet coffee house essence!



Gourmet Cocoas, Chai, and Frappe Beverages

frappeCafe quality Specialty Beverages that can be enjoyed year round. Delicious rich cocoas, creamy vanilla chai, and iced chocolate frappe’s are sure to deliver that gourmet cafe experience!




Non-Refrigerated Gourmet Cookie Mixes

oatmealAll the taste of gourmet cookie without the fuss. Simply add an egg and butter and these delicious, homemade, fresh from the oven cookies will have them asking for Grandma’s secret recipe. Six irresistible cookies to choose from.



Gourmet Snacks

barbeque-bluesTreat your family and guests to these gourmet snacks. The delightful combinations of fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices are sure to bring a new zest to snacks. Seven mouth-watering treats to choose from.