About Fundraising Junction

Every day that we come to work we are committed to two things, sharing a great cup of coffee with our friends and building community one fundraiser at a time. Through our humble beginnings, in 1999 a small coffee shop in Binghamton NY grew into a national roasting company that provides gourmet coffee to fundraising programs.

Owners David and Kathy Pagnani and Eric Cole have always been passionate about helping people build and sustain organizations who impact their local community in a positive way.  This vision to share the world’s finest fresh-roasted coffees transcends in each bag that is sent out to fundraising programs across the United States.

Coffee is the cornerstone to almost everyone’s morning conversation. It’s the drink that starts our day and keeps us going through out the evening. Coffee allows us to create, build and produce. This is why David, Kathy and Eric chose it as THE product to help set fundraisers up for success.

Fundraising Junction’s mission is simple, to build community one bag at a time. With each bag of coffee that goes through their doors, they are reassured that the community service that they have established brings betterment to neighborhoods across America.