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Community in a Cup

Coffee brings people together. The warm smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee early in the AM, awakes the senses and drives the morning’s conversations. The mid-morning cup at work while you are pulling ideas together. And the dinner time cup to relax and awaken you before you start your evening. Many people have […]

Coffee In Dessert

As we enter the holiday season and we come to the end of many a meal, those good boys and girls who have eaten, or over eaten, everything on their plate will be looking for something to delight in. For our faithful household chief though, the challenge to come up with something new and different […]

Superfood Called Coffee

Is is possible that our common household drink could be considered a superfood?. If independent studies are correct then yes, coffee offers many health benefits to us all, some of which are lower heart disease, lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and it provides needed daily antioxidants. Coffee has more antioxidant activity than green […]

Coffee Rib Sauce

As fall and football season is among us, it is time for barbecue ribs. Good ribs always need great sauce, but this Coffee Rib Sauce gives that extra depth of flavor. It’s great for brisket, too. This is a thinner-style sauce, hence why you might need a sort really good barbecue brush to slather it […]

The Color of Coffee; Household Ideas

Because of it’s dark color and it’s ability to stain anything that it gets on, coffee has many practical uses. If you have ever spilled coffee on your favor shirt or pants, you know the frustration of trying to removed the color from these garments. Hence it is the perfect permanent pigment for many applications. […]

Coffee in the Garden

Coffee, besides a beverage, has many other uses. In the next few issues of our newsletter we will explore how else you can benefit from coffee. In this issue we look at how the left over coffee grounds can be used for other organic needs. As gardeners we appreciate natural ways to help grow and […]

Coffee Pots

This is a simple, sophisticated way to serve after dinner coffee, summer style.  They make a great finale to a barbecue on a warm spring or summer night. To spice up the experience, you can use one of our flavored coffees or a strong dark roast. No matter what you choose, these ice pops melt fast […]