Embrace Your Holiday Season: Have Coffee With Fundraising Junction

We have all been there and will be again in the upcoming weeks, the gauntlet of the holiday season. Racing to get up early, prep, coordinate, to get everything and everyone to where there need to be. Family coming in, being picked up at the airport, giving up to the minute directions when GPS/ smartphone maps goes awry. We all know it so well, and this all happens in between the basting of the turkey and the prepping of all the family’s favorite side dishes while greeting everyone as they come through your front door. And hopefully this is also in tune to the Thanksgiving Day parades and football quarters so everyone remains content and entertained until everything is just right for dinner (and well out of your way in the kitchen!).

That’s where your Coffee Confidence comes in, Mexican Oaxaca brewed ready before for your first round in the kitchen, wrestling with the overnight brine and getting the turkey stuffed with the just right seasonings and stuffing and in to the oven just in time to start the next round of dishes to delight.

Even after your evening before (or days) preparation, you are energized as you enjoy a another cup of Honduras Ocotepeque and maybe iced this time as the kitchen starts to heat up while you finalize your family’s feast. You never miss a beat, tasting and basting away.

Thanksgiving dinner is a hit and now on to desserts! Our Victorian Carmel goes well with apple pie/ vanilla ice cream and we would also recommend French Vanilla to pair with pumpkin pie. For those that just need a strong brew (and no sweets) as a night cap for the day, our Carousel Decaf is an exceptional treat all by itself.

As the day unfolds, you will have your Coffee Confidence to get you through your holiday as well as delighting your guests with a well rounded selection of coffee to enhance their experience of the holiday.

We also provide sampler gifts if you would like to give a small gift to give to your guests.

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