Community in a Cup

Coffee brings people together. The warm smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee early in the AM, awakes the senses and drives the morning’s conversations. The mid-morning cup at work while you are pulling ideas together. And the dinner time cup to relax and awaken you before you start your evening.

Many people have met their closest friends in life while drinking a cup of Joe. The old romantic statement when asking someone out on a date, “do you want to meet up and get a cup of coffee”. Meeting up over a cup of coffee feels safe, secure and appeals to senses. This phycological feeling of being safe while having a cup of coffee drives conversations otherwise most individuals may not have without it.

When we think about building community, we feel it is always about talking, but sometimes it is about doing. Our greatest achievements have been designed, constructed, and presented to the world over long nights and many cups of coffee. Whether it is people, places or things, coffee had a critical part of the band, keeping the beat so that we could be exceptional at what we are doing.

From morning, noon, and night coffee flows through our lives constructing life as we know it. We build community one cup at a time. We are Fundraising Junction

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