Coffee In Dessert

As we enter the holiday season and we come to the end of many a meal, those good boys and girls who have eaten, or over eaten, everything on their plate will be looking for something to delight in. For our faithful household chief though, the challenge to come up with something new and different is always a challenge.

Coffee can be a simple ingredient that can breath life into an old recipe. But before we start tossing coffee into our baking, lets understand some basic properties of coffee. Coffee is acidic, so it goes well with sweets. IE Coffee and donuts. On top of that, it goes well with chocolate and coco. Coffee and chocolate can be best friends and love to be added as ingredients together when baking. As a rule of thumb, when baking anything that uses chocolate, you may add one teaspoon of finely ground coffee to enhance the flavor. However, remembering the coffee is acidic, depending on the type of chocolate you use, will determine on how much you need to compensate using a sweet ingredient like sugar.

Coffee does not always need to be paired with chocolate. Coffee can be used with fruits with a low acidic sweetness to them like cherries and apricots, or tree nuts like walnuts and pecans. Same principal as we discussed before, one teaspoon of coffee added when mixing the base filling or main mixture.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season, and encourage you to email us your enhanced recipe you used to delight your guests. If we like it as much as you did, then we may publish it through out the year in our newsletter.

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