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Community In A Cup

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Community In A Cup

Coffee brings people together. The warm smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee early in the AM, awakes the senses and drives the morning’s conversations. The mid-morning cup at work while you are pulling ideas together. And the dinner time cup to relax and awaken you before you start your evening.

Many people have met their closest friends in life while drinking a cup of Joe. The old romantic statement when asking someone out on a date, “do you want to meet up and get a cup of coffee”. Meeting up over a cup of coffee feels safe, secure and appeals to senses. This phycological feeling of being safe while having a cup of coffee drives conversations otherwise most individuals may not have without it.

When we think about building community, we feel it is always about talking, but sometimes it is about doing. Our greatest achievements have been designed, constructed, and presented to the world over long nights and many cups of coffee. Whether it is people, places or things, coffee had a critical part of the band, keeping the beat so that we could be exceptional at what we are doing.

From morning, noon, and night coffee flows through our lives constructing life as we know it. We build community one cup at a time. We are Fundraising Junction

Coffee In Dessert

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Coffee in Dessert Fundraising Ideas

As we enter the holiday season and we come to the end of many a meal, those good boys and girls who have eaten, or over eaten, everything on their plate will be looking for something to delight in. For our faithful household chief though, the challenge to come up with something new and different is always a challenge.

Coffee can be a simple ingredient that can breath life into an old recipe. But before we start tossing coffee into our baking, lets understand some basic properties of coffee. Coffee is acidic, so it goes well with sweets. IE Coffee and donuts. On top of that, it goes well with chocolate and coco. Coffee and chocolate can be best friends and love to be added as ingredients together when baking. As a rule of thumb, when baking anything that uses chocolate, you may add one teaspoon of finely ground coffee to enhance the flavor. However, remembering the coffee is acidic, depending on the type of chocolate you use, will determine on how much you need to compensate using a sweet ingredient like sugar.

Coffee does not always need to be paired with chocolate. Coffee can be used with fruits with a low acidic sweetness to them like cherries and apricots, or tree nuts like walnuts and pecans. Same principal as we discussed before, one teaspoon of coffee added when mixing the base filling or main mixture.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season, and encourage you to email us your enhanced recipe you used to delight your guests. If we like it as much as you did, then we may publish it through out the year in our newsletter.

Embrace your Holiday Season: Have Coffee Confidence with Fundraising Junction

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


We have all been there and will be again in the upcoming weeks, the gauntlet of the holiday season. Racing to get up early, prep, coordinate, to get everything and everyone to where there need to be. Family coming in, being picked up at the airport, giving up to the minute directions when GPS/ smartphone maps goes awry. We all know it so well, and this all happens in between the basting of the turkey and the prepping of all the family’s favorite side dishes while greeting everyone as they come through your front door. And hopefully this is also in tune to the Thanksgiving Day parades and football quarters so everyone remains content and entertained until everything is just right for dinner (and well out of your way in the kitchen!).

That’s where your Coffee Confidence comes in, Mexican Oaxaca brewed ready before for your first round in the kitchen, wrestling with the overnight brine and getting the turkey stuffed with the just right seasonings and stuffing and in to the oven just in time to start the next round of dishes to delight.

Even after your evening before (or days) preparation, you are energized as you enjoy a another cup of Honduras Ocotepeque and maybe iced this time as the kitchen starts to heat up while you finalize your family’s feast. You never miss a beat, tasting and basting away.

Thanksgiving dinner is a hit and now on to desserts! Our Victorian Carmel goes well with apple pie/ vanilla ice cream and we would also recommend French Vanilla to pair with pumpkin pie. For those that just need a strong brew (and no sweets) as a night cap for the day, our Carousel Decaf is an exceptional treat all by itself.

As the day unfolds, you will have your Coffee Confidence to get you through your holiday as well as delighting your guests with a well rounded selection of coffee to enhance their experience of the holiday.

We also provide sampler gifts if you would like to give a small gift to give to your guests.

Welcome to The Junction – Gifting and Fundraising… Together at Last!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Here it is Tuesday, you are checking through your To-Do list for the remainder of the year. You are looking at the long list of gifts to check off for Christmas stocking stuffers, Hanukkah or for your next office gift exchange. On top of it, you know you may also have to find the “extra” money for the hockey tournament, basketball jerseys or drama plays your children are involved in for the school year. Ugh, you do not want to wreck your budget but what can you do?

With Fundraising Junction, we have multiple solutions for you!  We have 3oz samples packets that you can buy individually or in bulk at a discount for gifts online and can be delivered on demand within 4 days.
If you need to raise funds for a team, band, or school production, we can tailor a custom solution depending on the amount of capital and time frame you need the funds. For more information, please schedule an individual consultation by calling 877-348-0443 .
We also have our Roasting Party option for those that fundraise throughout the year for associations, teams, groups, or causes in our community where multiple people fundraisers are involved. We have scale-able solutions to meet your needs and goals, please contact Kathy at 877-348-0443 so we can build your program today!